Defense and Military Composites

Advanced composites are used in a wide variety of defense and military applications, typically when weight is an important issue (as in man-portable and airborne applications). Soldiers are required to carry a lot of equipment in the field. Saving a few ounces can sometimes permit the soldier to carry more items or add features to the packed equipment. In airborne applications, lower weight translates into increased performance in the areas of speed, range, fuel economy, and flight duration. Shipboard applications often benefit from corrosion resistance and other compelling composite properties.


Composiflex Supports

To support many defense & government composite customers, Composiflex offers advice in the areas of:

Robot Arm Components

Composiflex assistance helps customers meet MIL-SPEC and other challenging requirements.

Composites for Defense

The applications that Composiflex supports include:

Filament wound tube
Solid Parabolic Dish

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