Composiflex offers FlexPLY® composite springs to replace CYPLY® 1002 products.

FlexPly® Composite Springs

Composiflex designs and manufactures a variety of E-glass/epoxy, carbon/epoxy, and high-temperature glass/epoxy FlexPLY® composite springs for numerous industrial equipment applications. These flat springs are most commonly employed within the drive systems of vibratory equipment where they are loaded in bending and excited at their natural frequency. This provides the maximum deflection of the springs which translates to the maximum rate for transfer of bulk material through the vibratory conveyor or feeder. It also requires a highly fatigue-resistant material that can sustain tens of millions of load cycles without failure. Further, applications that are tuned to a particular spring performance require spring rate stability over cycle life.

FlexPLY Spring

Composiflex Supports

To support FlexPly® composite spring customers, Composiflex offers:
Fiberglass spring application
Vibratory Springs

Designed within target stress limits, FlexPLY® springs provide exceptionally long fatigue life, typically with 5% or less change in spring rate over time.

Spring Gear
The applications that Composiflex supports include:
Vibratory conveyor

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